Donate to Save the 120 Year Old Masjid Building!


Please Donate to Save the Masjid Building!

Message From Dr. Kareem Hassan

Message From Sh. Navaid Aziz

Sh. Abduraheem McCarthy Msg

Our Building is 120 YEARS OLD!
It has BROKEN Windows, RIPPED Carpets and LEAKING Ceilings - Please Help!

Our Masjid building was built in 1902, over 120 years ago. Unfortunately, the Masjid has broken windows, ripped prayer carpets and leaks in the walls and ceilings. 

Your donation will revamp the Masjid by purchasing and installing new windows, prayer carpets and a brand new exterior roof.
Please donate and help save the Masjid!

Our Wudu Areas are Extremely Old and Don't Have Heat

Our Wudu bathrooms have no heat, making each act of Wudu a cold hardship. Your donation can restore warmth and comfort, helping hundreds of Muslims pray comfortably.
Donate to build new wudu areas and get tremendous rewards!

We Have to Carry Wheelchairs Into the Masjid!

Our Masjid building doesn't have handicap access, so we have to carry brothers and sisters up the stairs to enter the Masjid. Your donation can help us make it easy for everyone to come in.
Please donate and help save the Masjid!

"Whoever builds a MASJID for Allah, Allah will build for them a house in PARADISE"

-The Prophet, peace be upon him
Please donate so we can save the 120 Year Old Masjid Building!

Scholars Want YOU to Donate & SAVE THE MASJID BUILDING!

Sh. Abduraheem McCarthy

"The Masjid has an emergency crisis.
There are broken windows in the masjid, the prayers carpets are ripped and both the wall and ceilings have leaks and damages. We urgently need to collect the funds to save this house of Allah."

Shaykh Navaid Aziz

"The Masjid in dire need of your support to revamp the building. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: whoever builds a house of Allah, Allah will build them a house in Paradise. Donate whatever you can right now!"

Shaykh Yusha Evans

"We desperately need your support to save this house of Allah. Your donation will help install new prayer carpets, new wudu areas, a new roof and help many reverts in need. Please give whatever you can, may Allah reward you!"

Our Guests

Masjid 'Eesa ibn Maryam has worked with many scholars and guests including:

Shaykh Yusuf

Shaykh Omar

Sh Abduraheem

Dr. Suzy

Shaykh Yusha

Imam Siraj

Shaykh Karim

Shaykh Osman Adam

Dr. Hatem
al Haj

Dr. Kareem

Brother Boonaa

Sister Aisha

Dr. Tahir

Sh. Muhammad

Shaykh Navaid

Shaykh Mohamad

Br. Eddie Redzovic
The Deen Show

Shaykh Yaser

Every Donation Makes a Difference
Donate to Save the 120 Year Old Masjid Building!


History Awaits You

You’ll Join Your Brothers and Sisters from over 100 Countries Worldwide to Finish this Historic Project

First Come, First Served - Limited Spots Available

Donate Now to Secure Your Name in History
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